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Wave Phenomena

Somato-psychic Wave Phenomena and Respiratory Waves

Through Network care the brain may generate two waves, which are associated with dissipation of energy, enhanced vertebral motion, coordination of the spinal subsystems and enhanced well being. These are known as the respiratory and somatopsychic waves.
The respiratory wave is characterized by a full and profound natural rhythmic breathing, which begins at the base of the spine, progresses upward between the shoulder blades, around the shoulders, and into the neck. It naturally gently rocks the vertebra ‘melting’ tension. The somatopsychic wave (soma for body, psyche for mind or spirit) is associated with muscular contraction which pulsates and organizes various spinal segments into a fluid wave liquid coordinated motion.
These wave mechanisms have been studied at the university of southern California characterizing them and assessing their role in the body’s reorganization to a higher level. Papers on this topic have been and continue to be presented at scientific conferences internationally.
During the network sessions the chiropractor may position your spine to allow for a more effective redistribution of energy, improved coordination of the spinal integrity subsystems, and an enhancement of full spinal involvement in these ‘healing waves’.
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