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Make some changes

The season of transform is the change and resolution component of Network Spinal Analysis.
Once the brain is more connected to your body, and your nervous system coherence has increased in efficiency of connecting and releasing tension from your spine, muscles and nerves you are ready for transform. Those areas of your spine that have not moved well or fully over the years are the areas that causes a build up of tension and creates re-occurring symptoms in your body.
You are ready for the resolution of underlying patterns. Due to the changes you have already made in Basic Care, the resolution is then much easier. Imagine the difference between working with dry brittle clay and moist supple clay. It is almost impossible to re-model dry clay however if the clay is soft and supple, remodeling is effortless. The same applies when creating change in the spine. Discover care is the preparation and Transform clears out the old re-current areas.
A major benefit of Transform is greatly improved ability to handle stress. This is seen as a change in your bodies’ response to physical, emotional, mental and chemical stress. The body is better able to resolve stress more efficiently and rapidly.
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