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Our Clinics

Our Clinics

Awaken Chiropractic aims to bring the extra-ordinary work of Network Spinal Analysis and re-organisational healing to as many people as possible. We currently have 3 clinics in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Suffolk.

Our Buckingham clinic

Buckingham was founded in September 2012. Originally we opened in Gawcott, which is a village just outside of Buckingham. It relocated to its current location in the centre of town in September 2014. The clinic attracts people as far as Warwickshire, Oxford, Marlow, and Northampton areas. Our farthest client travels from Leicester to try this amazing work.

Our clinic in Ware

Hertfordshire is one of the original Network Spinal Analysis clinics in the UK, founded by Dr Raf, 20 years ago. It has been home to many practitioners working with these techniques. The clinic was originally named Aware Chiropractic, but was rebranded to Awaken Chiropractic in April 2014 during the handover. The clinic itself has had over 4000 people through its doors. From areas such as Hertfordshire, Essex area, with some travelling up to an hour every week to experience this phenomenal work and to incorporate its gifts into their everyday life.

Buckingham Clinic

Ware clinic

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