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What is Network Spinal Analysis?

Network Spinal Analysis is an evidenced based approach to wellness and body awareness.
Gentle precise touch to the spine (no cracking or manipulation) cues the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies. NSA is a scientifically supported chiropractic technique and health care system.
Using NSA the body can recognise where stress and tension is being stored in the body. Two healing waves develop with this work to assist the body in connecting to and releasing this stored tension.
NSA is exclusively practiced by Doctors of Chiropractic in relationship to the identification and self regulation of spinal tension and subluxation patterns.
With NSA we focus on you and not your disease and we aim to help you develop greater resources and a richer experience of life. We tailor care to your needs and discuss care on a regular basis so that your needs and expectations are met.
A series of mind-body awareness exercises known as Somato Respiratory Integration or SRI for short, are also incorporated alongside Network Spinal Analysis to help inhance the healing process.
The benefits reported by those receiving NSA include an increased ability to recognise areas of tension and dysfunction within the spinal system, and to employ forces to bring about resolution of the distortion or tension. This process contributes to healing and well being.
NSA is administered in a series of 3 levels of care, each geared to your increased self-awareness and ability to respond to yourself, and to the world with new strategies for living and healing.
During each entrainment we are striving to enhance the development of your spinal and nerve systems capacity to benefit from the various levels of care.

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