Would you like higher levels of energy?
Better ability to handle stressful situations?
Experience a sense of relaxation in your body?
Reach your full potential?
Would it be helpful for your body to regenerate whatever your age?

With the extraordinary work we do at Awaken Chiropractic, learn how you can upgrade your bodies own internal operational system.  We are all living with operational systems that are thousands of years old, and we are expecting them to cope with the effects of 21st century living.

If you want to be at the top of your A-Game, ensure that your central nervous system is functioning at its best to support you.   That’s where we at Awaken Chiropractic step in…..

Using the great tool: Network Spinal Analysis.  This technique involves light, gentle contacts at specific places on the spine to prompt the nervous system to release tension and function more efficiently and effectively.

We can all have the life we deserve, and we are programmed for.  Lets enhance our own programming so we can achieve and experience anything.

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Our Mission

Awaken Chiropractic aims to inspire, empower and support the community by using a new revolutionary state of the art system of care.

Our Values

We will help you raise your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing which can lead to personal growth, sustainable effortless change, improved quality of life and wellness.
We will help you experience a greater depth of connection and awareness within your body as you move away from a state of defence and dis-ease and into one of wellness and ease.
Whatever limitations you may feel in your body, whether symptoms, pain or disease – they are a call for CHANGE. We will empower you to listen to the message and hear its wisdom.

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