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Fran Aitken

Fran Aitken

I reported my concerns to mum. She recommended that I take a few visits to her chiropractor. After 2 sessions with him I was astonished at the difference that it had made to my posture. I knew I had to be a chiropractor. I kept thinking how wonderful life could be, if I could rid people of their pain for a living.

My journey into chiropractic started at aged 15, when I realised that I couldn’t sit up straight at the piano…

I attained the required grades at college, and off I went. I studied chiropractic at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic at the university of Glamorgan in Treforest, Wales. My life changing moment happened during my first year of college. After receiving 4 years of chiropractic care on and off, I still couldn’t understand why my pains kept coming back.
2 months into the course and I was studying at a friends house. Later in the evening his wife, Rachael Talbot came home from work. She started talking to me about the chiropractic technique that she practices in Cardiff. It was called Network Spinal Analysis. She offered to treat me and I said yes.
After my first experience I couldn’t believe it. I was sitting more upright. The pains in my back had gone. I felt more at peace inside and generally very relaxed. I had to investigate further. The question in my mind was: how could a light touch to my spine make me feel so different inside and relax my body.
I went on my first seminar in January 2008 and loved every minute of it. I was hooked. Nothing I have ever experienced before has had so much positive impact on my health, my life or that of my friends/family.
I am now a big believer in ‘Reorganisational Healing’. This healing modality is a cutting edge health philosophy centered on giving the power for healing back to the patient.
I now get enormous satisfaction being able to provide this. I enjoy teaching people about their potential not just to heal, but to become their very best.
In my experience people can change their lives through NSA, because it gives them a strategy for looking after themselves and creating change.

Wishing you happiness until we meet…

Francesca Aitken

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