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Becoming Self Aware

During childhood, many weren’t taught the importance of self-awareness for a fulfilling life. Instead, emphasis was placed on career, schedules, achievements, family, and livelihood. Self-focus was often viewed as indulgent or selfish, leading to inhibition, improper development, or blockage of the natural mechanisms for listening to one’s body and mind.

The impact of physical, chemical, and emotional stresses can be profound. Unconscious biological mechanisms often shield us from unpleasant experiences, with traumatic events often leaving emotional imprints. These imprints can persist in bodily sensations and movements, even without conscious recollection. Dr. Epstein suggests that spinal tensions may redirect unprocessed energy, perpetuating nerve system fragmentation. Spinal misalignments and tension patterns reflect emotional reactions to a defensive nervous system, hindering awareness and change until the brain shifts from defense to growth.

Network adjustments (entrainments) encourage deep self-awareness. By focusing on your spine, breath, and sensations during each session, you facilitate the reintegration of fragmented aspects of yourself. Through this process, stored energy is released, allowing for greater connection and release of tension.

This journey of discovery is about reconnecting with stored tension, noticing its release, and embracing the season of “connect and release.”

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