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Becoming Self Aware

As children, most people were not taught that paying attention to oneself is vital to a happy and healthy life. Many people were taught that paying attention to their job, their schedule, their accomplishments, their spouse or family, or earning a living was primary. Many were also taught that paying attention to oneself is self indulgent or selfish. Therefore, the natural mechanisms that help you to listen or observe your body minds subtle cues became inhibited, improperly developed, or blocked. We learned to use our thinking brain to redirect our attention outside of ourselves and began placing our trust where our attention had been…… also outside of ourselves.
Physical, chemical, and emotional stresses or traumas can often be difficult to deal with. Brilliant unconscious biological mechanisms are established throughout lifetimes to insulate us from our unpleasant experiences. It has been shown that in people with severe trauma, the emotional brain (limbic system) places a ‘marker’ on certain experiences. This happens as our cerebral cortex (thinking brain) avoids having to deal with the trauma. The energy of the trauma still circulates throughout the body without our awareness (or perhaps with only partial or distorted awareness) of the experience that had been so difficult. In people with severe trauma, it has been reported that posture, body movements, and sensations associated with the situation or event may persist or recur, even though there may be no conscious memory of the event. Dr. Epstein suggests that mechanical tensions at the spinal level redirects the energy that the brain cannot fully experience. Therefore, spinal tension and altered spinal postures act as a means of further perpetuating the fragmentation of the nerve system. Spinal misalignment, fixation and spinal tension patterns are therefore emotional reactions to a defensive nervous system. Your body cannot remedy something it is not aware of. You cannot begin to do things differently until you are aware of what it is that you are actually doing, and this does not happen until the brain shifts from protection (defense) into peace (growth).
During each network adjustment (entrainment) you will be learning to pay attention to yourself in a way that may exceed anything you have ever experienced. You will be asked to place your focused attention on your spine, its movements, your breath and your sensations. You will not be asked to do anything with this awareness. By placing your attention on yourself as you participate in each entrainment, you allow yourself to help those parts that have become separate to come together again. In this process the body will most often disburse the energy once confined to a specific area, as it reintegrates this separated part of you back into the whole..
You will learn, where your body is holding and storing tension, simply connecting again with that tension, and noticing when your body has released that tension.
The season of discover is simply defined as “connect and release”
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