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Meet The Team

Helen Cook

Practice Manager of Buckingham and Ware Clinics

“I am very passionate about helping others. The work we do at Awaken is very inspiring, and I love supporting our practice members through their journey to greater healing, and a better quality of life.”
“My journey into NSA started when I met Fran at her first job after graduating. She was very passionate about the work. I have never experienced benefits quite like the ones that I received. My health was so much better and my energy levels were high again. I found I was sleeping better, and my movement and joints were so much more at ease, and less painful.”

Receptionist Ware Clinic

“My journey into NSA started when I was recommended to Fran. I found that during the first few months of care, I had so much more energy and my body was becoming mine again. I was able to stand up for myself, rather than just people pleasing. I was less stressed and because I had more energy I was able to be more supportive to my family.”
“I am so much more of a happier person, than I was before, and I continue to have entrainments and receive the ongoing benefits of each session.”
“Now I have the delight of working in such a wonderful and supportive place, where the community in the clinic here in ware is incredible, with such amazing people.”

Rachel Rodrigues

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