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During most visits to Awaken in Buckingham, Ware, Newmarket, you’’ll experience NSA sessions called “entrainments”. Entrainment is a term that means to get “in synch” with, and during the entrainment sessions a wave-like deepening of your breath and a subtle rocking of your spine will synchronize to help the tension in your body release.
You’’ll be fully clothed and you’’ll lie face-down on a table while Dr. Aitken evaluates your spine and muscles, and assesses your posture and breathing patterns. Then, she will use gentle pressure on specific points along your spine to help develop the tension-releasing Network Wave. A typical entrainment visit lasts about 20 minutes and will leave you feeling more relaxed, energized and at peace. Entrainments are just one of the “Technologies of Transformation” that you’ll experience at Awaken.
During other visits to Awaken you’’ll work a technique known as Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI), we will teach you specific body-mind SRI exercises based on whatever is going on with you. There are 12 SRI exercises in all, and you’’ll learn how to use them on your own to accelerate your progress.
Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) evolved from Network Chiropractic, a method developed in 1983 by Dr. Donald Epstein to help patients resolve tension patterns which occur when the spinal cord is over-stretched during physical injury or when the body is under mental or emotional stress.
Instead of adjusting or aligning your spine through forceful manipulation, a Network Spinal Analysis practitioner typically uses very light pressure on specific parts of your spine (your neck and tailbone in most cases). The pressure causes a wave-like movement and breathing pattern to occur along your spine, releasing tension and helping your body de-stress and unwind. No twisting, popping or cracking is necessary.
You can expect to immediately feel more relaxed, loose and flexible in your body. Your breathing will become deeper and easier. In most cases, your pain and tension levels will be significantly reduced within a short time.
But that’’s really the tip of the iceberg. As your body shifts out of “fight or flight” mode, you’’ll begin to experience more clarity, a sense of inner-calm and peace and a pleasant elongation and fluidity of your spine as your posture straightens. This is the beginning of the many life-changing benefits that Awaken has to offer.
Dress in loose comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. Remove necklaces, belts and shoes. Unbutton or loosen tight pants to allow full breath.
Working with the central nervous system, your brain and spinal cord, an NSA practitioner seeks to understand the physical, emotional and mental factors related to tension patterns held in the body.
The practitioner then uses specific points on the spine that are sensitive to input into the nervous system. Light contact on these specific points helps the body learn to resolve its tension, and create healthier patterns.
Network Spinal Analysis is practiced world-wide by Doctors of chiropractic, who are experts in natural health and wellness care. However, unlike traditional chiropractic, there is no manual adjustment of the spine. There is no twisting, 'popping' or 'cracking' necessary. Our patients are constantly amazed at how unique and effective NSA truly is.
We have seen results with a tremendous variety of people with a whole range of goals and concerns. We believe that everyone can benefit and enhance their lives through Network Spinal Analysis. Here is why:
NSA can help many different symptoms and conditions, including:
physical pain • back pain • neck pain • headaches and migraines • stiffness • arthritis • disc problems and degeneration • allergies and asthma • chronic fatigue • lowered immunity • fibromyalgia • emotional distress • anxiety • whiplash • digestive disorders • hormonal imbalances • sore and weak muscles • ADD and ADHD • ear, nose and throat problems • sciatica • bad posture • and much more
NSA not only relieves pain and symptoms, it revitalizes your life. As patients tune into their body and emotions, there is little in their lives not affected. We see many people whose only goal is to increase their quality of life. NSA contributes to:
mental clarity • peace of mind • ability to make effective changes in life • less stress • less moodiness • less depression • increased energy • interest in maintaining a health lifestyle • creativity • ability to concentrate and stay on task • positive feelings about self • ability to listen to your intuition • confidence when dealing with adversity • compassion and understanding towards others • better decision making • and more
“Fix it so I can get on with my life.”
When it comes to pain and physical symptoms this is often the attitude in our culture. Often our focus is simply to get rid of the pain as quickly as possible. A “quick fix” may offer temporary relief, but we believe this narrow scope, which focuses exclusively on symptoms, can be costly in the long-term.
We understand the need to feel better as soon as possible. But, pain is a message from our body that something needs to change. When this message is masked and ignored, problems may go away temporarily, but ultimately they get worse.
Network Spinal Analysis offers a holistic and comprehensive approach that takes the time to identify and change the patterns that are contributing to pain and symptoms. NSA allows you to connect to and release the underlying tension that is the source of your symptoms, so you can truly resolve the problem.
Wellness is not just the absence of symptoms. Attaining abundant health, feeling vibrant, strong and healthy is totally different than simply feeling pain-free, and this is our goal.
Network Spinal Analysis may seem “touch-feely” to some, but it is not a new-age fad. A significant amount of research has been done on Network Spinal Analysis since it was developed in the early 1980’s by Dr. Donald Epstein.
One of the most significant research studies was conducted with over 2,500 people at the University of California Irvine Medical College. The results documented significant improvement in quality of life in people receiving Network care. Most significantly, patients reported three times more wellness than those who had simply made healthy lifestyle choices, like a balanced diet and regular exercise.
There are three levels of Network Care. During each you will experience different sets of benefits. In Level One of Network Care, you will begin to develop awareness about yourself through your breath, energy and movement. We work to re-establishing integrity in your nervous system and developing continuity in how your brain and body communicate.
Level Two of Network Care, you become an active participant in your healing. We build on your new level of awareness and help you see and acknowledge patterns in your body and in your life, developing acceptance of all of your parts. With greater connection comes positive, sustainable shifts in your life. You will notice changes in your body, the range of emotions you can experience and the quality of your thoughts.
In Level Three of Network Care you have established a strong platform or baseline and the life you are leading now is vastly different than the life you were leading before Network Care. You will notice changes in the quality of your relationships, how you perceive yourself and others. You may have adapted healthy lifestyle changes and replaced poor coping strategies. Your body is strong and flexible, your range of emotions is wide and varied and the quality of your thoughts are uplifting and exciting.
Your recommended visit frequency will depend on your body’s current condition, your lifestyle and your overall health and wellness objectives. Our Basic program consists of 24 visits over a 12 week period. Our Intermediate program consists of 42 visits over a 6 month period and our Advanced program consists of 54 visits over a 9 month period.
We don’t believe in a “cookie-cutter” approach though, and during your initial visits we’ll evaluate your specific situation and decide together which program is the best fit for you, or we’ll create a customized program to meet your specific needs.
Back pain, especially chronic back pain, is rarely a one-cause one cure situation. There are many factors that can contribute to ongoing back pain, including unresolved physical injuries, emotional and mental stress. Rather than just giving you a spinal adjustment for temporary relief, we suggest a holistic approach that will help you identify and change the patterns that are contributing to your back pain.
Through low force Network Spinal Analysis “entrainment” (a unique method that promotes a spontaneous wave-like release of tension within the spine), we’ll help you release tension and connect to the underlying source of your pain so that you can truly resolve it.
Although we don’t claim to diagnose and directly treat symptoms, we’ve worked with hundreds of patients with many types of headaches, ranging from tension headaches to migraines with positive results.
In most cases the severity and frequency of the headaches significantly diminishes, or the headaches vanish altogether. Medications only provide temporary relief for headaches. We seek to understand the factors influencing and contributing to your headaches and help you make the necessary life changes to keep the headaches from recurring.
Our experience has shown us that headaches, like any other pain signals, are a sign that your body is asking for a change in your behavior, your perceptions or your body structure. So, we focus on helping you develop the awareness and discover the resources to change the way you’re interacting with your body and living your life. The by-product of the lifestyle changes that you make is often a headache-free experience.
The stress over having too much to do and not enough time to do it is epidemic in our culture. Consistently high stress levels freeze the body in a “fight or flight” mode, tightening muscles, rounding shoulders, making breathing shallow, and limiting blood and oxygen to the parts of your brain and body that are responsible for relaxation, revitalization, creativity and growth.
We find that a “busy” life is typically not the problem. The problem is your inability to shift gears and “unhook” from the stress-causing factors that are overwhelming you. Our programs can help you release tension from your body and learn how to respond to and manage the stress that you’re under without constantly carrying it within you.
Expect to work with us about twice a week for 12 weeks to get the ball rolling. We’ll help you release tension from your spine and nervous system, teach you helpful exercises and give you plenty of recommendations to decrease your stress levels quickly and naturally.
The only way for you to know for sure if our approach will be a good fit for you is to give us a try.
Please give us a call and book an initial consultation and examination. This visit has two parts, and will help you understand more about how and where your body is holding stress and tension, and what you can do to expand your health and energy.
Yes, we work with many people who have cash plan insurance. We always recommend that a spinal evaluation be done first so the doctor can determine if you are eligible for care. After we will arrange to discuss with you our cost effective care plans and how much your insurance will contribute.
We are not covered by AXA or BUPA.

We run regular workshops where we explain and demonstrate our approach. If you would like to attend one of these complimentary workshops please call for details