Find Happiness Now Instead Of Chasing It In The Future

Find happiness now, is about looking at the present, instead of living life in the future.  Happiness is a journey and not a destination.  

It’s that time of the year again. The time when most of us look to the New Year as an opportunity to create a fresh start. We resolve to change certain behaviours in hopes of improving our lives. So we make a New Year’s resolution;

  1. to exercise more,
  2. eat healthier,
  3. learn new skills,
  4. manage time or money more efficiently or
  5. develop better relationships

The deeper yearning behind all these resolutions is the belief that accomplishing these goals will make us feel good. The very fact that we make a New Year’s resolution means that we want something that we currently do not have. The reason that most New Year’s resolutions fail is because they function on the premise that we will only be happy when the goal is reached.

What if we could feel good now and use that feeling to help bring us what we want?

The way we feel about something not only influences our own actions but has the power to draw things toward us. Becoming conscious of the emotions that drive your desires is the key to understanding why you still don’t have the things that you want. Most New Year’s resolutions stem from a place of not liking where we are or what we have. Life can be so much easier when we let go of our resistance to where we are now to allow for that which we want.

For example;

If we want lose 20 pounds, we can go about it in one of two ways. The first is to “battle” the weight with the goal of loving your body and being happy only after you’ve lost the 20 pounds. The second option is to love your body now and to like what you see now and to make losing weight less of an uphill battle.

When you’re looking to change something or to get something that you don’t have; much of the focus is placed on what’s missing or what’s wrong. Whether you realize it or not like attracts like. The things that we focus on and put our energy into will show up into our lives. It is the way that we feel about something that determines whether we are in a state that attracts or repels that which we are focused on. We can be focused on something like losing 20 pounds. However if the prime emotions stem from hating your body right now you will be in a state of resistance. It is much easier to get what you want when you are in a state of allowance and ease. Think about how it would feel to like your body now and then to make positive changes from a place of love.

How to succeed

The reason why most New Year’s resolutions fail is because it feels difficult.  We get tired of working so hard. We are more likely to do anything if it feels good and if we feel good while doing it. So let’s start feeling good about where we are now. If weight loss is your New Year’s resolution, when you look in the mirror love your body now. Appreciate how strong, resilient and capable your body is. Recognize that it continues to endure and has gotten you this far. Feel the love and pride you have for your body now. Losing the weight will only make you feel better about your body. You are more likely to continue doing something that makes you feel good. Whatever your resolution may be, when you drop your resistance life becomes easier and more of what you want flows to you.

Have a go….

Happy New Year



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