My Personal Reflection of 2016


I am a big reader of eastern astrology and signs of the Chinese Zodiac.  This year has been the year of the Monkey, and boy what a crazy chaotic year it has been.  I haven’t even had a chance to catch my breath before something else has been blown onto my path.  This is a brief summary in reflection of … Continue reading

Fran is Getting Married


Fran will be taking 3 weeks holiday at the end of August beginning of September, to get married. Tessa Aitchison will be working her normal shifts in our Ware clinic from Monday to Wednesday. Ware There will be no Thursday evening shift on the following dates: Thursday 25th August Thursday 1st September Thursday 8th September (clear evening – see noticeboard) … Continue reading

Favorite My Personal Reflection on 2014


As a finale to 2014, I thought I would finish Awaken’s newsletter series with a reflection of my progress throughout this year.  As some of you already know, I have had quite a trying year, with numerous lifelong health challenges coming to a head.  I have needed to re-organize drastically in order to reach a healthier, happier, more sustainable place.  … Continue reading