Practice Member Appreciation Day

Saturday 8th July 2017 9am – 12pm In order for Awaken Chiropractic to appreciate YOU, a special day has been created. For your commitment to your care and for us to be able to say a big congratulations to YOU, Awaken Chiropractic in Buckingham, will be offering a complimentary entrainment to ANY practice member that has been under care over the past year.  You do not have to be … Continue reading

Energetics Morning

Saturday 24th June 2017   9.15am – 12pm (ish) This program is an enhancement of the clear day in a similar format, although the entrainment will be in more depth and awareness really gaining a thorough understanding of how you are wired, and create new strategies for new emerging properties to come through that will support you for YOUR future.   Held … Continue reading

How to Create a Sustainable life Change


We all want to change something about ourselves our bodies or something in our life. How can we sustain the change we want?  How many people have tried to lose weight?  Give up smoking?  Gain more confidence? However they were only able to sustain it for a few weeks, maybe a month or longer. Eventually your desires fizzled out? How … Continue reading